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O = obligatory
ca = classified assessment ( "creditals" or " classified credit")

The course lecturer is Ing. Ivo Bukovský, Ph.D. (room 433)     Skype:         ibukovsky       ICQ (not much using): 280 435 322

Guidelines to login to Faculty network via Remote Desktop Service rds.fsid.cvut.cz

Class Notes

Notes about papers, library resources, and referencing ("IEEE" vs. APA style)


If you are satisfied with lowest marking, mark 3 (just passed), you have to accomplish Assignment#1 and Assignment#3, you must have attended all labs (every odd week since we started), and prove your skills and knowledge in a final test.

If you like to strive for better marking, it differs only in that you have to accomplish Assignment#2 instead of Assignment#1. The other requirements applies as well.


  • Assignment#1(10 points) /big> :

    Create a document in MS Office Word editor with a structure and formattting as a scientific paper (for example, find some scientific paper via Web of Science or IEEE Xplore Digital Library, hindawi.com, ..
    The contents of the article you would create does not matter. You can choose or create any (legal and appropriate) data (text, picture, table, equation) you like...
    Your paper must include at least one picture, one equation, one table, and all required sections (title, author's affiliation, abstract, keywords, introduction, ..., conclusion, references)
    Make sure you do not violate the copyright and add the reference to the source into the report when you cite or use anything from the web, book , ..., otherwise your work wil not be accepted!!!

  • Assignment#2 (15 points)
  • Pick one of the specified topics (or propose yourself a similarly relevant one) as bellow and write an article as described above.
    It is recomended to use the internet to find information resources.
    Be aware that not only would you represent the information about your topic you have assigned, but you also, and very importantly, represent your skills with using the Microsoft Word.
    Your paper must be of minimum lenght of five pages.
    ;">Every particular student of the CUF class may work on a particular topic !!!
    Make sure you do not violate the copyright and add the
    reference to the source into the report when you cite or use anything from the web, book , ..., otherwise your work will not be accepted!!!

    Choose one of the selected topics:

    1. Operating Systems and Software for Scientific Calculations
    2. Operating Systems and Software for Mechanical Engineering Purposes
    3. Local Area Networks: Hardware Components
    4. Local Area Networks: Topologies of the Networks
    5. Connecting Two or more Computers to Each Other

  • Assignment#3
  • : Download your Excel Assignment here

  • Assignment#5
  • : Make an investigation of available information resources within the libraries of CTU and State Technical Library.
    Find at least one book on selected topic in each library. In MS Word document, provide books you found with correct references, their library loan status (available, reserved ...). Append a brief summary on the information source in which you found the book.
    Find one web site that deals wit your topic and make correct reference to the site.

An additional assignment (after agreement) is following: Make this document look same as this one (I suggest to print this out ), do as much as you can. Here is the picture to be inserted.
Here is a sample of former-style final test - save the file and work within it, then use some spreadsheet calculator (Excel, Calc,...) - it can help you to check your chance for real test. There will be also a bit of html and Matlab/Python stuff in a final test - according to what we did in the class. Further details and the additional requirements will be specified in the class.

Useful Links (some of)

Please, consider the following links as some of good examples; however, you are supposed be able to find out the answers to your questions individually.
The following links are examples of some interesting resources that I randomly found and that could help you with better orientation in computers, networking, building web pages, etc.

When you want to find a basic explanation of various terms regarding computers, networking,internet and many others, use the internet (That sounds pretty autonomous, does not it?). For example, try visit the website of webopedia or begin by clicking the following link and you will arrive at the Local Area Network topic.

As an another example where you can go to start learning HTML is this website .

To obtain some ideas how to format your engineering report correctly, see Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students,e.g.
To learn to make correct references you can visit this particular web page. However, be aware of the fact that the requirements for formating of your particular report can slightly vary according to the customs of the scientific comunity, field, publication, region, etc.

Here are some websites including MS WORD tutorials:

Site for variety of Microsoft tutorials

A nice MS Word tutorial


Some websites including MS EXCEL tutorials:

One of the nice MS Excel tutorials...

To find some useful information to solve your problems in MS Excell you can visit, for example, the tutorial web page created by Chris Odom from Clemson University phoenix.phys.clemson.edu/tutorials/excel.


WiFi in Dejvice

Using WiFi internet connection within the faculty building in Dejvice according to Network Services fsid.cvut.cz :
Not all spots may have been be working yet.
There should be no special settings necessary for connecting to WiFi in Dejvice with your laptop.
To connect:
  • find a running hotspot;
  • search for WiFi networks;
  • keep automatic DHCP settings;
  • run your web browser and input any web adress - a login window will appear (bookmark this web page in your browser!);
  • login using your DUPS or SSU;
  • Once you are finished, disconnect from the network via the bookmarked web page.