Tomas Mares, docent at CTU in Prague


Dr Tomas Mares
CTU in Prague
FME Dept. of Mechanics
Technicka 4
166 07 Prague
Czech Republic
Date of birth: 1972-07-12
Nationality: Czech

Academic preparation

Research Interests

Mathematical theory of elasticity
Mechanics of composite materials
Structural optimization


Mechanics of materials
Mechanics of composite materials
Computational methods and optimization
Structural optimization
Thin walled structures


list of


Fragments of curvilinear elasticity of fibre composites (pdf)
The Fundamentals of structural optimization (ps) (pdf) (in Czech)


Konstrukcni optimalizace 2007
Biomechanika svalstva (with prof.Konvickova and prof.Valenta) 2007
Experimentalni biomechanika (with Dr.Daniel) 2007
Biomechanics of Biomembranes (with Dr.Daniel) 2007
Biomechanics of Biomembranes II (with Dr.Daniel) 2008


Laminate plate buckling and optimization
Curvilinear elasticity in biomechanics
Stiffness maximization of fibre composites
Summer school of composites 2013


summer 2012

Master's and Bachelor's theses:

The theses

PhD projects

Elastodynamics of curvilinear fibre composites (Lukas Jiran)
Optimization of curvilinear fibre composites
Mechanical analysis of the human intervertebral disc (Petr Heralt)
Elastodynamics of the human intervertebral disc (Ladislav Kucera)
Estimation of mechanical properties of the lamela of a bone's osteon (Radim Korsa)
Optimization techniques in the design of fibre composites (..)

Grants received

GA101/07/P496: Analysis and Optimization of Anisotropic and Heterogeneous Materials in Curvilinear Coordinates (2007—2009)

Professional memberships and services